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Candle Holder

The Candle Holder is a short project which everyone should try. It’s a great way to master basic Origin operations and progress onto more advanced Premium Projects. You can use the Candle Holder to house a tealight and traditional tapered candles. A tray in the middle can be used to store matchsticks. You’ll spend approximately one hour making the Candle Holder from a hardwood of your choice.

by Josh Worley


Approx. 2 hrs

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About The Project

The Candle Holder is a simple take on an ancient design artifact. Create a calming ambience by combining multiple Candle Holders. Try making a collection from different materials including Maple, Walnut, White Oak and Ash.

How You'll Make It

Designing with OriginDesigning with Origin

Designing with Origin

You'll use Origin's on-tool design features to draw circles which match the diameter of your tealight and your tapered candle.

Pocketing the internal featuresPocketing the internal features

Pocketing the internal features

You'll use Origin's stock 1/4" up-spiral cutter to pocket the features of the Candle Holder.

Cutting the outer profileCutting the outer profile

Cutting the outer profile

You'll cut the outer profile of the Candle Holder in multiple passes using Origin's offset feature.

What you’ll learn

  • Offset cutting with Origin
  • Fine finishing techniques
  • Designing on Origin

What's Included

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26 Illustrated Steps26 Illustrated Steps

26 Illustrated Steps

You’ll follow 26 beautifully illustrated instruction steps which will guide you from your first cut to your last.

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Follow on your Mobile

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Origin Cut SettingsOrigin Cut Settings

Origin Cut Settings

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Meet the Creator

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Josh Worley

I joined up with Shaper in 2019 and act as Head of Product. I’m a Product Designer by training and have spent much of my career exploring distributing manufacturing and the democra...

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