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Tea Rack

Texas woodworker Philip Morley brings his classic Tea Rack to ShaperHub in the form of a Premium Project. Morley’s caffeine infused weekend project will help bring brighter starts to your day.

by Philip Morley


Approx. 8 hrs

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About The Project

Philip’s Tea Rack consists of three shelves which can be used to store all your essential tea and coffee making paraphernalia. With wedged tenons and fingernail edges, the design has subtle details which will complement a more traditional interior. Mount the rack to a sturdy wall in your kitchen and always have your morning caffeine boost close at hand.

How You'll Make It

Working with BrassWorking with Brass

Working with Brass

This multi-material project includes brass shelf rails, mug holder, and screw covers. Tune the fit of your wood joinery to accommodate different diameters of brass rod.

Cutting Wedged TenonsCutting Wedged Tenons

Cutting Wedged Tenons

The wedged tenons of each tea rack shelf add strength and elegance to its joinery. Learn Phil's tips for cutting wedges and kerfs in the included video.

Shaping Thumbnail ProfilesShaping Thumbnail Profiles

Shaping Thumbnail Profiles

The thumbnail profiles on the rack's shelves and sides add a handmade touch to your project. Learn multiple ways to shape these profiles, with either a spokeshave, handplane, or router.

What you’ll learn

  • Repeatable Workstation Fixturing
  • Tongue and Groove Joinery
  • Cutting Wedged Tenons
  • Shaping with Spokeshaves
  • Finishing Tips and Tricks

What's Included

More about the project instructions

40+ Step-by-Step Instructions40+ Step-by-Step Instructions

40+ Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow along with Phil's step-by-step guidance, including a build video and plenty of photos along the way.

Multi-Language SupportMulti-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

For our friends worldwide, PDF instructions are included in German and French.

Follow on Any DeviceFollow on Any Device

Follow on Any Device

Our instructions are optimized for both mobile and laptop viewing, making it easy to get information you need when you need it.

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Meet the Creator

Creator PhotoCreator Photo

Philip Morley

Philip Morley is a ​custom furniture maker located near Austin, Texas. His studio is a one-man shop in which he designs and builds one-of-a-kind furniture for clients across the Un...

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