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Shaper workstation fixture creation kit

By Sam|BY-NC-SA 4.0 License|Updated February 14th, 2022

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The components in this project are building blocks to help you to make custom fixtures and mount the workstation precisely.

10 min



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These files will enable you to align mounting holes and dimensions with various components on the shaper workstation. angle fense v001.svg : Helps design files to align with the angle fense, or make your own custom angle fenses. clamp v003.svg : shows the clamp geometry and approximate range of positions it can apply clamping force. clamping face v004.svg : position clamps, mounting holes and vertical index pins exactly where they are needed. body alu hole pattern.svg : The under side of the main body, including mounting holes body alu hole patten bench aligned.svg : same as above, but with the front edge trimmed for easy alignment to the edge of a bench. If you are looking for the shelf / spoil board files take a look at this project: