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Double Dovetail Box - 14degrees

By DavidMtp | Created February 23rd, 2021 | Published February 23rd, 2021 | Updated February 23rd, 2021

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Alternate version with a 14degrees dovetail bit

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CMT Orange Tools 918.127.11 (or equivalent in slope and diameter - any change in one of these parameters makes all the SVGs false!)
Here is my "alternate" version of SmoothOperator's fellbach box. I've used a 14 degrees / 12,7mm long / 12,7 diameter dovetail bit (CMT Orange Tools 918.127.11 All materials dimensions are identical to the original project. The modified files are attached: - cut1_dark.svg: this is to cut the two sides, in a "dark" wood. No dovetail bit needed at this stage. - cut2_dark.svg: to cut the room for the light color insert inside the dark color wood, on the front and back panels. Dovetail bit needed here. You will use the single line curve for this, and take care to plunge and retract at the ends of the line!! - cut3_light.svg: same cut as the first one, on the light wood to prepare the inserts that you will glue on the pieces you just cut at step 2. - cut4_dark+light.svg: same cut as cut2, but on the assembly you just made with the insert and the front and back panels. There is a bit of part preparation in between, that I let you guess. Nothing complicated, can be done with the on-tool drawing functions. The top and bottom + feet files are identical to the original project, I did not put them here. General comment on my SVGs: the outline of the parts are drawn in blue as a reference on all sketches. cut depth are indicated in blue (prof xx mm). The additionnal figures (5mm / 5mm for example) are the offset in mm to place the sketch, with a reference on one of the part corner. Read the instructions from SmoothOperator to get a little bit more details, watch carefully his relaxing video and go ahead!! ;) Original project can be found here: