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Elate Table Lamp

By LeahKSAmick|BY-NC-SA 4.0 License|Updated January 9th, 2024

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A shade, a base, a cord, a switch. The familiar elements of a traditional light are rearranged to take shape as Elate, a happy table lamp. Tilted and bent, Elate’s soft angles slant its shade, displaying a playful personality, while a lively colored cord threading through its body adds another cheerful layer.

2 hr



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- Solid wood: Milled to thicknesses of 5/8", 1/2", & 1/4" - Scrap plywood, solid wood, or MDF for glue up jig - 1/4" dowel rod for alignment pins (see PDF instructions for full cut list) - Shade making materials: MDF or hardboard sheet Adhesive-backed styrene Cotton fabric 1/2" double-sided permanent adhesive - Wood glue - Double-sided tape for holding stock to Workstation - Lighting components: Decorative electrical cord Socket Thumb switch Plug - Hardware: Tubing transition, knurled nut, coupler, & strain relief ⅛ IPS nupple Button head screws (x2) #10-24 threaded inserts (x2) (see PDF instructions for detailed list)
- Various router bits & end mills: 1/4” straight bit (Shaper standard) 1/8” straight bit 10° tapered end mill 1/4” round nose bit - Shaper Origin & Workstation Tape 1/4" collet standard spoilboard - Standard measuring tools plus calipers & angle gauge - Basic woodworking tools - Sandpaper, wood glue, small & long clamps - Sharp knife or scissors - Wire cutter & stripper - Rubber or felt feet (see PDF instructions for complete, detailed list)
View the PDF for full instructions and a detailed list of materials & tools Check out my Masterclass video and build Elate along with me: Primarily utilizing the Shaper Workstation, this intricate project involves advanced setups and custom jigging. Beyond working with Origin, Elate dives into electrical wiring, a custom, laminated lamp shade, and even bookmatching if you’re up for an additional challenge. Although this is classified as a 2+ hour project, it is actually quite extensive far beyond 2 hours of work. Please tag me with your finished piece on social media! @leahksamick Community Forum: Bits & End Mills: Tapered End Mill: Round Nose Bit: Adhesive Styrene: Amazon: TheLamp Shop: *Elate is an original design by Leah K.S. Amick. These instructions are for personal use only as and do not authorize reproduction for distribution for sale.