USMC Bull Dog Plaque

By Stormy | Created September 28th, 2020 | Published September 28th, 2020 | Updated September 28th, 2020

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A plaque for your favorite Marine.

30 min





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USMC Bull Dog.svg
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Sheet of plywood... size depends on how you want to scale it
Shaper Origin, 3/4 " Uncut Bit and an Engraving bit Orbital Sander Black Spray Paint Red Paint
Just a simple engraving on a piece of birch. I did the lines at apx. .23 inches deep. After engraving the image, lay down an oval or what ever shape you want the plaque to be using the onboard design tools and size to your liking. I had a 1/2 inch board so I did several passes to cut out the oval. After cutting the shape out, sand the edges and top. Apply a coat of black spray paint to the top and make sure to get the paint into the groves of the image. Let it dry! After it is dry, sand off the back paint. Sand as much or as little as you like.... then paint the lettering or other elements as you like. After the paint dries, I generally spray a bit of UV protected clear coat. Then.... give it to your favorite Devil Dog! OOOORAH!

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