Japanese Pull Saw Wall Mount Stand

By Rick13 | Created August 7th, 2020 | Published August 7th, 2020 | Updated August 7th, 2020

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This was inspired by the Samaria Carpenters Japanese pull saw stand. I didn't have room for an actual stand so I made it to mount to a plywood wall. The far left pocket was cut all the way through by accident but it fit a marking gauge perfectly so I kept it. Bonsai Downloaded in the noun Project https://thenounproject.com/icon/1224072/By ANTON icon, ID Creative Commons

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10" x 10' x 3/4 Hardwood of choice
1/4 and 1/8 upspiral bit 0.1mm Engraving bit ($20 on Amazon- pack of 5) 1/8 roundover bit with trim router ROS for Sanding
First engrave the bonsai at 0.01 Inch depth using the 0.1mm engraving bit. I took 2 passes to clear out the sawdust. This bit is so small that it goes into the wood when you do the Z Check, so that is why I did it so shallow. I skipped the rectangle between the tree and the base as it was too small to engrave. Then cut the rectangle pockets (Saw Handle Holder) 1/4 inch deep using the 1/8 upspiral Bit Then cut the Blade Grooves all the way through using 1/8 upsprial bit Then cut the outside using a .1 inch offset. I cut all but the very bottom to keep it steady. Then removed the offset and cut all the way through. There is a piece on the bottom or top left that is a perfect rounded triangle. Use this as a support to go against the wall. Give everything a 1/8 inch roundover using a trim router or sandpaper. Then give everything a good sanding with ROS. I drilled a hole in the bottom triangle through the long way to mount to plywood wall.

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