Harry Potter 9 3/4 Train station sign

By MullaneyWoodworks | Created May 20th, 2020 | Published May 20th, 2020 | Updated May 20th, 2020

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This is a sign for Harry Potter fans. The famous "platform 9 3/4 at the kings cross station" sign

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-11.25" wide poplar -16" long - Board was wider than sign by several inches so shaper could be supported through entire project -3/4" thickness -Black paint (i used spray paint)
-Shaper Origin -Engraving bit supplied with Shaper -1/4" upspiral bit supplied with Shaper -Black spray paint for lettering -Finish of your choice Separate router with 1/8" round-over to ease edge (optional)
I start with a 11.25" wide x 16" long board, then scale the sign down to fit my size of board. I use the ENGRAVING bit and set it on ENGRAVING mode. *Take your time when engraving for optimum accuracy and straight lines.* While engraving the lettering, i make use of the auto feature while holding the Shaper in place as much as possible. After all engraving has been done, i switch over to a 1/4" UP-SPIRAL bit to cut out my shape, cutting outside of the line. 3 passes at 1/4" segments were done as my material is 3/4" thick Now that my work is done with the shaper, i proceed to spray paint any areas that have engraving, crafting paint may be easier to use/sand. Once the paint is dry, i start with 80 grit and move up the grits until my desired grit. Sanding removes the paint only on the top surface, leaving paint inside the engraved areas A 1/8" round-over bit was used to ease the front edge. This is optional Odies Oil was applied for finish Picture frame hook attached to the back for easy installation.

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