Table leg - frame with cable outlet

By IFlorianI | Created August 23rd, 2020 | Published August 24th, 2020 | Updated August 24th, 2020

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For those who are interested in wood-bending-techniques and alternative cable outlets made out of solid wood, I recently completed a Shaper Origin supported project. The base could also be used as a base frame for a piece of furniture and is conceivable in any other type of wood. Instead of the plastic version, I tried to design a simple outlet made of wood, which definitely enhances your office table optically.

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13 layers of 0,9mm pine wood veneer stripes for the legs, to get a finished thickness of approx 12mm (length 2150mm and width 60mm) -> dimensions are already larger than the finished dimensions cherry solid wood for the cable outlet (one board 350 × 75 × 20mm for four cable-outlet-bodies and one board 350 × 60 × 5 mm for four cable-outlet-lids) some waste material for your templates slow drying wood glue "Complex" oil based surface coat or another surface finish of your choice
basic Handtools + clamps Shaper Origin (+Workstation -> not mandatory) - standard router bits: 6mm spiral upcut router bit 8mm spiral upcut router bit 45 ° chamfer cutter without a guide ring basic Tools to apply an oil based surface finish a chop saw could help at some point hand-held router with flattening cutter hand-held circular saw with rail or a table saw as an alternative
here´s a links for the surface finish I used: I have attached a pdf to my files with a detailed description and photos of the manufacturing process. here are links to my instagram accounts with more projects I did in the past: @_sepparee_ @polyholz @_flomeigel_ I look forward to any kind of feedback :D Have fun!

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