Beer Cap Clock

By Binks_Wood_Shop | Created October 17th, 2020 | Published October 17th, 2020 | Updated October 17th, 2020

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Easy and enjoyable clock

30 min





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Any hardwood or plywood to your desired clock size This particular one is 16" diameter Clock mechanism & hands Bottle Caps, preferably beer bottle caps! Magnets or 5 minute epoxy
Shaper Origin with .25" spiral bit, engraving bit, keyhole bit - optional Router table with flush trim bit, not necessary, but nice Sander Finish
Start on the backside of your clock. Scan and make a grid. Measure your clock mechanism, I didn't make a svg of this because they all differ a little. But the are generally around a 2" x 2" square with a .25" radius on the corners. Place your square in the center of your clock on the backside. Cut out for you clock mechanism to the proper depth, the mechanism should be flush on the backside of your clock Still on the backside, If you desire, make about a 2" x .375" rectangle and place in the center of you clock and using a keyhole bit in your shaper origin, cut a groove to hang the clock. This is optional of course Moving to the front side of the clock. Use your shaper origin to cut the outside diameter of the clock. I went ahead and made several passes at different depths to cut all the way thru the material and get my circle. Though you could cut about a 1/4" deep and then flush trim at a router table, which may be better. I used double sided tape and cutting all the way thru was just fine. Cut out center hole for clock mechanism to come thru from the back Cut the holes where the hours or where the bottle caps will be placed. Only go about an 1/8" deep at the most. I cut out 1" circles out of .1/4" plywood and glued them in the holes, then epoxied the bottle caps to the plywood pieces. Another way would be to epoxy magnets in these holes. Using magnets would be more pricy, but you could always change up your bottle caps I suppose Engrave the phrase if you'd like using an engraving bit. Sand, after sanding glue in plywood circles. If you use magnets, I would epoxy those in after applying finish Apply finish epoxy bottle caps or place on magnets. Enjoy you a cold one!

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