Taxus box 001

By Roy_Merchier | Created April 28th, 2020 | Published April 28th, 2020 | Updated April 28th, 2020

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Small taxus box with colored bilinga lid.

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Any wood you like or have. A little piece of leather.
Shaper Origin 8 mm bit (40mm cutting edge)
I know the svg file isn’t usefull, but I’ve added it anyway. I’d like to say a few words on how I made the svg and why I used Graphic for it. Hopefully this is helpfull for someone out there. Why Graphic? After receiving my SO last month :-) I started to learn Fusion 360. I learned the basics pretty quickly, but I also learned that it was not so easy to get to the next steps. For instance (for me) it was too complicated to get text in a specific font in a circle and extrude it. So I searched in the Shaper community to see which other programs were used. I was especially interested in iPad apps. I’ve tried Graphic, Vectornator, Bez, Tinkercad, Onshape and Shapr3D. For me, Graphic came out easiest. It has a logical interface, is easy to use, is also available for MACOS, has iCloud sync, has of course svg export and has a VERY good online helpmenu. How I made the svg? I glued the piece of taxus to a piece of MDF (to screw on a quick and dirty workstation). I drew a “cross” on the wood in line with the edge of the MDF. I also made two marks exactly 6 cm apart (see SCR001). I took a top picture of the wood and imported it into Graphic. I drew a “measuring line” in Graphic between the two marks. I resized the picture until that line indicated it was 6 cm. I made the canvas square and oversized, so the center of the cross is exactly in the center of the canvas. This would allow me to align SO (anchor = center) to that cross on the wood. With a path tool (similar to Photoshop) I tried to follow the natural lines of the yearrings (I hope this is English) as good as possible (SCR003). Added a layer of white between the path and the background picture (SCR004), exported to SVG, and ran to my shop to make some noise :-) The box is approximately 12 x 10 x 5,5 cm (1cm = 0,3937 inches ;-) ) Have fun and stay healthy. Roy Belgium

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