Foldable Workhorse 90cm

By NerdyTimber | Created March 20th, 2020 | Published March 20th, 2020 | Updated March 22nd, 2020

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You need a workhorse for you workshop or to be transportable? Use these svg to build your own with Origin.

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Jigs & Fixtures

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For one pair of workhorses 21 mm sheet of spruce 950mm x 95mm 4x 900mm x 95mm 4x 700mm x 50mm 2x 742mm x 50mm 2x 842mm x 85mm 2x dowels 12mm 4x threaded screws M8 x 50mm 4x washers 8x threaded nuts M8 4x
Shaper Origin Sandpaper maybe a table saw
To download the Fusion 360 model click here: YouTube Video: Use the Origin to mill everything but the "querholz ---" files. Those are way more easy to cut on a tablesaw. But if you would like to use origin, use the "querholz zapfen" svg to cut the spigots on the end grain of the 4 "querholz" and "querholz_kurz" parts. Milling the "auflager", be aware to carve the pockets slipping inside the claws of the legs only on one side (pictures).

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