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Rose Inlay Phone Stand

By Kai | Created May 10th, 2020 | Published May 11th, 2020 | Updated May 11th, 2020

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Simple phone/tablet stand with rose inlay, as a Mother's Day gift.

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4"x10" hardwood, ~0.9" thick for the upper piece. 4.8"x7.5" maple, about the same thickness for the stand support. Inlay material is Purpleheart strip of 3" wide, ~1/16" thick.
1/8" bit for the inlay, 1/4" bit for the slot in the stand.
The main piece of this project is the rose inlay and I used Easel's built-in Inlay Generator app ( to convert a rose svg to fit 1/8" bit. I had to use the generator with each component of the rose design, and just took the pocket cut one generated by the tool and reassembled the whole rose as shown in rose-large-8th.svg. The rest of the files are the pocket cut svg file for each individual component. 1. I first cut out the individual components (part1-part5) on a piece of purpleheart wood with an Exterior cut, 0" offset using a 1/8" bit. This is so that I can use the component to test fit the pocket cut on the main piece. My purpleheart wood is about 0.17" thick. 2. Put the rose-large-8th.svg on the main piece of wood however you like. Cut the pocket hole slightly shallower than the thickness of your inlay wood, with the same 1/8" bit. My depth of cut was 0.165". In the final interior cut pass I used -0.004" offset as that gave the best fit with my inlay pieces. 3. Insert the inlay pieces with some glue applied in the pocket holes. 4. Sand the surface flush and apply the finish of your like. I just used tung oil. 5. The stand supporting piece is simply a 7.5" long piece with a slot for the main piece to pass through. I set the slot to be 2" from the end leaving some space for the phone to sit on. I just used the SO's built-in rectangular shape design to drop the slot with the help of the grid.