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angled 4U desk rack with monitor stand

By Bill14 | Created February 21st, 2021 | Published February 21st, 2021 | Updated February 21st, 2021

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The ultimate desktop 4U rack mount enclosure, with removable angled base and adjustable height monitor stand. Top slots for equipment ventilation, convenient carry handles, and a comfortable 20deg tilt angle. Make a pair to set on each side of your laptop or monitor. Specs: Rack spaces: 4U Rack depth: 13.0" Rack internal dimension: 19.050" wide x 7.050" tall Desktop footprint: 15" depth, 20" width, up to 17.6" tall Monitor height adjustment: 14.9" - 17.6" in 4 steps

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QTY 2: plywood sheets, 2'x4', 1/2" thick (0.475" nominal) QTY 8: 1/4"-28 flat socket head screws, 1" overall length ( QTY 8: locking 1/4"-28 nuts ( QTY 4: press fit rubber feet ( QTY 2: metal 4U rack mount ears (Guitar Center #1500000051859) wood glue
Shaper Origin, 1/4" upcut bit hex key set adjustable wrench to hold locking nuts while tightening clamps, corner square countersink bit round-over bit for handle
Routing: * box joints designed for 1/2" thick plywood (0.475" nominal) * a nominal 0.005" gap has been designed around all box joint fingers * lower quality plywood sheets can vary in thickness sheet-to-sheet. use test coupons on each layout to confirm if any offset should be applied to the design to get a snug fit * optional: shallow pocket cut the speaker icon, and inlay with opaque epoxy, contrasting wood, or metal insert Assembly: glue up the three subassemblies separately * do not glue monitor stand to main rack box, so monitor height can be adjusted * do not glue base to main rack box, to allow flat or angled reconfiguration later screw in rack ears using locking nuts assemble subassemblies, and install feet designed in Fusion360