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By Tape_butcher | Created May 1st, 2020 | Published May 1st, 2020 | Updated May 1st, 2020

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Hanging plywood wall cabinet to store old hand saws.

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Storage & Organization

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24 x 48" sheet of half inch plywood; dowel, beadboard
Shaper Origin; tracksaw (not required); table saw (not required)
I made this cabinet to store some heirloom hand saws that still get a little service. The plywood was 31/64 in thickness. I cut out the smallest piece first, then cut the joinery on the remaining parts allowing me to test fit the joints to get the best offset. I followed Sam's instructions for on tool dogbones to recess the interior corners for an immediate fit. What worked for me in outside cut mode with a 1/4" bit was a (-) 0.05 offset. I eased shaper origin into the corner until only the corner path was in the cutting window and plunged each dogbone. My initial design called for another shelf within the cabinet, but one saw was longer than expected and I deleted that. You'll see a pair of extra mortises above the dowel. I cut straight sections with a track saw after cutting the joints and fitting them with the shaper. That saved some time. I nailed beadboard to the back. Rabbeting the back would be more elegant. I glued wood blocks with saw kerfs for each saw into the position where the saw tip contacts the beadboard. There's clearly room for a couple more saws!

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