10" Table Saw Blade Protector

By rwyoung | Created February 17th, 2020 | Published February 18th, 2020 | Updated February 18th, 2020

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This will hold a 10" table saw blade, 1/8" kerf w/ 5/8" arbor hole. I need to send in a few blades for sharpening and no longer have the original packaging. Add a sheet of cardboard taped over the top and slip it into the box and done. Inside corner holes or outside perimeter cuts can be used to align multiple sheets for sending additional blades. Engrave name and address on the back.

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1/4" thick MDF
SO 1/4" or larger flat-bottom cutter for pocketing. 1/4" spiral cutter for perimeter and hole cuts.
This has a rather large pocketing operation. Order of operations is important. First cut outside perimeter (optionally leaving tabs) first. Followed by the four corner holes if you plan to stack holders together. The hole size can be adjusted using offsets. Second make two passes using offsets to define the inside pocket perimeters. A cutting depth of 0.130" is sufficient for full-kerf 1/8" wide table saw blades. Finally cut the pocket. If a larger bottom cleaning bit is available the pocketing operation will go much faster than with a 1/4" cutter. If the larger bit cannot plunge, use a 1/4" spiral bit to make a starting clearance pocket. Be aware that the SO can loose support during the large pocketing operation. Consider path and support while cutting.

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