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SOSS 203 Invisible Hinge

By Christian11 | Created July 5th, 2020 | Published July 5th, 2020 | Updated July 5th, 2020

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Use to install a SOSS 203 invisible hinge.

10 min



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Origin 1/4" cutter engraving cutter for the pilot holes
Note: SAM, I tried to stick to your same style of SVG formatting, although I am a novice on the computer, and I hope you don't mind that I completely plagiarized your instructions. Be sure to test cut first in inexpensive material to confirm you get the alignment and fit you want before performing the actual hardware installation. Use the grid feature to identify the side of the door you want the hinges on, centering the hinge on with the bottom center placement anchor is usually the best technique. The blue guides provide the recommended 1/8" offset from the edge. Cut large Pocket first. Cut smaller pocket second. I ended up using a negative .004 offset to take a little extra off the large shallow pocket for a friction fit. Optional pilot holes centered on the guide circles. In softwood: #51 drill, ( 0.067" )