Cleat Pliers Holder

By Bajko | Created March 19th, 2020 | Published March 21st, 2020 | Updated March 21st, 2020

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This is my first project from sketch to garage. Now I see the possibilities to improve the design, but this is stable and functional. There is the space for 11 pliers when fully loaded.

40 min





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12mm plywood 12mm round timber (300mm long) glue
Shaper Origin & accessories 3mm cutter 6mm cutter clamps
Prepare material, set the models on position. 1. Cut all dog bones corners with 3mm cutter !!! DON'T CUT THROUGH on the left and right side parts!!! The pockets are just 6mm deep !!! 2. Change to 6mm cutter. 3. Cut the supports first (outside cut). 4. Cut all pockets (inside cut, depth: 6mm). Check if is possible to put the support and round timber to the pockets. If not, set the offset and cut the pockets little bit bigger. In my case the offset was set to -0,1mm. 5. Cut exterior contours of the side parts (outside cut). 6. Sand, apply glue, assemble and clamp. 7. Enjoy

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