Center Finder for Round Objects

By PatrickS | Created July 20th, 2020 | Published July 20th, 2020 | Updated July 20th, 2020

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A simple center Finder for round objects made from Plywood with a small pocket and 2 dowels holding it tight at the correct angle..

30 min




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1x 15 or 18mm Plywood, sized at ~190x160mm 2x 6mm dowels
Shaper Origin 6mm Spiral Upcut Bit Roughing Bit (optional)
I cut this out of a Plywood Scrap so I did not **really** care about the waste material between the two parts. I included the Affinity Designer File if you need to seperate the parts or make adjustments. Having a roughing bit greatly speeds this up btw ;) Take your time, the precision of this tool greatly depends on the quality of the edge of the angled piece and the inside of the perpendicular corner. 1. Create a grid and then place the design on your workpiece. 2. Cut out part B first, using helix mode for the two dowel holes and passes matching your bit with a finishing pass with 0mm offset. Make sure the edges are somewhat clean and place to the side. 3. Part A has a pocket cut to 5mm deep so the angled piece can sit in it. Just to make it more sturdy. Pocket out the material to a depth of your liking, my suggestion would be 5mm up to the offset of 0.1mm. Make sure you don't cut it to 0 already before you can test for a snug fit of the angled piece. 4. Helix the dowel holes. 5. Cut the outside contour leaving 3mm of your material to keep the piece from breaking free. 6. Check the fit of the angled part. Use offsets to make it a nice and strong friction fit. 7. Cut the rest of the contour to 0mm offset leaving some taps. 8. Break the part free, sand off the taps, combine the pieces to check it all goes together well, glue up and hammer in the dowels. Have fun marking centers. I found it works best to use a knife. I was inspired to do this by Cosmas Bauer and his Youtube channel, check it out if you want to build this just with a table saw. I wanted to add utmost precision so I used Origin.

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