Heartless Hook

By misterikkit | Created April 22nd, 2020 | Published April 26th, 2020 | Updated April 26th, 2020

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I designed these hooks to hold a prop keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. The inner radius of the hook is slightly larger than 1".





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1/2" plywood Thicker material will not work because the through hole would be too wide, and thinner material makes it difficult to mount on the wall.
This design is sized for 1/2" plywood, which is actually 15/32" First, cut out a hook. This is a simple shape, but you will need a zero-offset finishing pass to get the dogbone corners. Second, cut out a heart. On steps 1 & 2, do a test fit with the hook to make sure it's a good fit. My final offset was -0.005". (Negative offset cuts the hole & pockets slightly larger.) 1. Cut the through hole in the center of the heart 2. Cut the pockets next to the through hole to a depth of 15/64" 3. Cut the keyhole. Check out my technique for keyholes here. (TODO: publish technique) 4. Finally, cut out the heart. I did my finishing pass with a 1/8" bit to get sharper corners. Finish it up with sanding, glue, and paint/finish!

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