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MFT Style Mini Paulk Inspired Workbench

By Misternick808 | Created February 12th, 2021 | Published February 12th, 2021 | Updated February 12th, 2021

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Compact MFT Table using 1/2" plywood for sides and a 3/4" top. Outside dimensions are 30" x 60" x 9". Construction is friction fit with the help of some screws. Allows for replacement of table top. Designed to be used on top of a Husky Adjustable height workbench. Or throw on top of horses. Underside is routed to use clamps to secure workbench and table together. Also used Shaper to add Router Table Plate and T-slot Tracks, as well as holes to mount Shaper Work Station.

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1 Sheet ea: 1/2" Plywood for sides and bottom. 3/4" Plywood or MDF for top. (MDF will add significantly more weight) General purpose screws and Pocket screws optional but recommended
Shaper and table/track saw
You can build the whole table with just the Shaper, but it may be easier to do the long cuts with a track saw or a table saw. Table top is 20mm holes on a 96mm grid spacing I used the Shaper to rout out the router plate and T slot tracks afterwards. Also routed out some rectangles to clamp down the Shaper work station. This is allows me to have an adjustable height level when working with the Shaper -Cut out two (2) side pieces. 1/2 inch ply -Cut out three (3) of the end pieces. 1/2 inch ply -Cut bottom. 1/2 inch ply -Cut out top. 3/4 inch ply. Figure it out. Mahalo.