Shaker Berry Box handle jig

By Dennis12 | Created April 8th, 2020 | Published April 8th, 2020 | Updated April 9th, 2020

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Bending Template for shaker box handle as part of fine wood working article for building shaker berry box.

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1/8" ash or oak ( wet or air dried best) 3/4" plywood to make bending form
shaper Steam bending box and steam generator small F style clamps
This is file to cut bending form to steam bend the basket handle. This box is from Fine woodworking and you can get plans and instructions to make box there. But this is to help make a bending form to bend the handle using steam bending method. The form has a positive and negative with 1/8" gap between them to allow for handle blank to be inserted during bending. You may need to offset on side a bit to also some wiggle room. I added some hole for clamp the help keep thing tight. I am going to try to mount the inside form to a backer piece of ply and use the other ring to bend and form the handle bank after steaming. I cut the box joint on table saw per article, but maybe shaper can cut this using box joint feature on tool. Sides are only 1/8" thick.

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