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By RichardT | Created December 12th, 2019 | Published December 13th, 2019 | Updated December 13th, 2019

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These simple patterns simplify the job of making knobs for your jigs, workbenches, or whatever application you have in mind. The knobs are ~2” diameter and the nut and through hole is for a 1/4” by 20 bolt. Once you get the patterns loaded onto your SO, the whole process start to finish is only a few minutes. I included several knob designs, or you can simple design a 2” circle around the nut and bolt hole.

20 min




Jigs & Fixtures

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3/4” wood, any hardness you prefer
Shaper Origin, sand paper (or table router)
Download both the 1/4” 20 nut and knob pattern onto your SO. Place them both onto the material without moving the SO to preserve alignment between the two. Cut the nut and 1/4” hole first, I’ve been setting the depth of the nut inlay to 1/4” and the through hole to 3/4” (or the thickness of the material). (Note: I couldn’t get the SO to cut inside the hole in my template with a 1/4” bit, so I created a 1/4” diameter circle from the design menu and overlayed onto my template to make the cut.) Then move to the knob shape and recess. Cut the recess first, I’ve been using 1/8” depth. Then cut the knob shape, I’ve been using the thickness of the material LESS .005” to keep the knob fastened to the material during the cut. (You can cut full depth if the knob is attached to the surface of your workstation with double sided tape.) When you finish cutting the knob shape, there should be a thin layer of material holding the know in place. Gently push it through the hole, breaking it gently away from the material. Smooth the remaining edges with a Small (1/8”) round over bit on your router table or lightly sand the edges by hand. Press fit the nut (or bolt head) into the knob for whatever your application. Use CA glue to secure permanently if helpful.

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