Euro style hinge template for 10" door, eg: Ikea Besta

By Kresty | Created June 14th, 2020 | Published June 14th, 2020 | Updated June 14th, 2020

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I wanted to use a 10" Ikea Besta Drawer (not door) front as a door (not drawer), so I needed to cut spots for the hinges. Standard "Euro" style hinge template. 35mm diameter, 22mm from door edge to center. Additional 9.5mm to screw points, which are 45mm apart. Hinge spacing is multiple of 32mm (96mm) to match Ikean Besta shelf mounting points.

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10" or similar door
Shaper Origin Drill
Note: With the hinges this close the torque may be a little high. This is a "standard" Euro/Ikea style door hinge mounting template. You may have to twiddle with the inside/pocket style as I seem to have trouble exporting those from CorelDraw in terms that SO likes. I don't have a small enough bit for the screw holes, so I made those tiny and used the engraving bit to mark the spot to about 1mm/0.05" and then drilled. Cut the pockets for the big hole about 13mm deep. Hole centers are 96mm apart to match the 32mm Euro-style shelf spacing. Note that the Ikea Drawer front has some mounting holes that are really close to the screw hole locations. You may need to fill those first.

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