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Baby Banana Rattle

By Tall_Dutchman | Created April 5th, 2020 | Published April 5th, 2020 | Updated April 6th, 2020

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Small baby rattle made from hard maple and finished with food grade dye, mineral oil and beeswax

20 min




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3/4 x 5" x 6.5" Maple 1/8" x 4" dowel or metal rod 120 grit sandpaper 220 grit sandpaper glue Yellow, Blu, and Red colored dye (food grade) Mineral oil (food grade) Beeswax
Shaper Origin 1/4 spiral cutting bit 1/8" drill bit Drill Optional: Router and router table with 1/4" round over bit ( you can use a knife to whittle the edges over, or a wood rasp can accomplish the same)
1. Place the maple on your shaper table and hold in place (I use double stick tape). 2. Cut out the banana shape and beads using the shaper with 1/4" spiral cut bit. I cut with a .05 offset to a depth of .1 shy of cutting through the material, the use the 0 offset at the current depth to clean up the edges before making the final cut through the materials. Be careful when cutting the small beads. They can break and thrown out by the bit... 3. Sand and shape the rattle and beads. 4. Drill holes to accept the rod being used (I used an 1/8" metal rod and painted it yellow). When you drill holes make sure the beads, when placed on the rod, can move freely in all directions so they can make the rattle sound. 5. Pre-finish rod and beads before installing. Add color only to the banana body (mineral oil and beeswax come later). 6. Insert the rod and beads and glue rod in place. 7. Once glue has dried, apply mineral oil and beeswax finish (I use the Tall Dutchman Board Butter) 8. Enjoy