Ring Box

By Ryan4 | Created May 6th, 2019 | Published May 6th, 2019

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Made a ring box using the Shaper Origin.

30 min





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-Two 1/8" nyodynium magnets -10mm Barrel Hinge -Black Felt -Wood of your choice, at least 3/4" -Glue for magnets
-Shaper Origin -Screwdriver -Tablesaw or bandsaw
-Cut the Barrel joints to 12mm depth. -Cut the magnet holes to 3mm depth (or depth of magnet). -Cut bottom ring slot .6" -Cut the top ring slot to .3" -Cut the bottom profile to .75" -Cut the top profile to .5" -Cut out bottom portion using table saw or bandsaw if wood is thicker than depth needed. -Cut out felt and fold to fit in slot. -Glue Magnets in magnet holders. -Slide barrel Hinges in slots and and tighten set screws.

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