Bottle Opener

By Joseph232 | Created June 15th, 2019 | Published June 15th, 2019

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Bottle Opener with purchased insert This is a simple bottle opener I created in Fusion 360, to cut out with my Shaper Origin

30 min





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3/4" wood 8" long x 3" wide bootle opener insert stain sandpaper string
Shaper Origin, 1/4 bit (engraving bit if engraving is desired) Orbital Sander Drill Screwdriver Hands
1/4 bit supplied by Shaper for all cuts 1st Cut the hole for the string. This was a helix cut all the way thru the stock 2nd Cut the outside of the two circles for the bottle opener insert. I started with a depth of .04. I pocketed out the circle, adjusting offset each cut, testing insert until there was a tight fit. Next was to get the depth flush. I adjusted depth slowly, testing the insert again, until I had a flush fit. 3rd Now cut the inner of the two circles. This cut is made so that the bootle cap has a void to fit into the opener. This depth could be a tight fit for the bottle cap to fit, up to a thru cut. However you would like yours to look. I ended up going with a thru cut for looks and I really like the way it turned out. 4th Using an outside cut, cut around the OD of the opener. I did this at a 1/4" at a time until thru. 5th Sand. Make sure the bottle opener has a good feel in your hands 6th Stain to whatever finish you would like. 7th Layout insert, drill pilot holes for screws and install insert Optional I ended up cutting another piece from copper, and glued it to the top. I engraved a logo on it that I already had uploaded onto my shaper hub. Centering of logo was done on tool. Bottle opener insert was purchased on amazon, 20 Pack Stainless Steel Round Bottle Opener Inset Kit Hardware Parts by Generic

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