Mini V-Slot wall attachment System

By Damien | Created July 19th, 2019 | Published July 19th, 2019

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A small system to attach stuff to a wall using V-slots




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1/4" plywood or thicker 1" square hardwood dowels
Shaper with 1/8" router bit. Table saw or router table with V bit, or dovetail bit with a 14 degrees angle
Cut the hooks in 1/4" thick plywood, and reinforce the slots with a "V-Slot 1U"s on each side. You can do the same for the shelves, or directly cut them in thicker plywood. The tablet of the shelf visible on the picture was designed directly on the Shaper, so I have no file for it. For the V shaped rails, I just set my table saw at the same angle as the slots and cut in a 1" square dowel until it fits and slides nicely in the parts I cut. Just make sure the rail is a bit deeper than the slots so that the pieces sliding on it don't scrub against the wall. I suppose you could cut the rail on a router table with a V bit, or dovetail bit with a 14 degrees angle. But I can't confirm. I recommend cutting a couple of 2U pieces (either the 7cm or 15cm shelf) to help installing the rails on the wall with a constant spacing (I should design a 2U spacer now that I think about it) Thanks and Good luck :-) (It's my first project, don't hesitate to let me know if anything is missing or just wrong for some reason ;-D)

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