Cleat of the Week 5: Cutter Rack

By Shaper | Created May 1st, 2018 | Published May 1st, 2018

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Cleat rack to accommodate 1/2", 1/4", 1/8" and 8mm cutters NB: Origin does not accept 1/2" cutter shanks

1 hr





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We used: *12mm Black MDF, * 7ft of 8mm stainless steel rod
Origin, clamps, 1/4" stock cutter, 1/8" stock cutter, engraving cutter
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Helix Cut holes for upper and lower racks

Test-fit a cutter in the first hole of each diameter to confirm settings and then cut the remaining holes. Use the 1/8" cutter for the 1/8" holes and the 1/4" cutter for all the larger holes.
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Engrave the shank dimension lines

With the engraving cutter, cut the text and the "online" boxes around each shank diameter section.
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Cut out the upper and lower racks

The 1/4" cutter can take care of the perimeter.
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Cut the left and right supports

Cut the slots and holes to 0.2" deep first and then cut the perimeter.
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Round over the rear of the racks

On the top rack, round the top rear edge with a 1/8" radius. On the bottom rack, round both rear edges (top and bottom) with the same 1/8" radius
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Cut stainless to 12"

You will need seven rods, each 12" in length You can make them 1/32" shorter to ensure that there will be no issues when it comes to gluing up the project.
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Dry fit then glue the mating edges

Dry fit all components together to confirm that everything fits as expected. Then glue the mating edges.
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Insert rods

These need to be in place as they are held captive by the supports
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Confirm the project is sitting vertical--as it will be on your cleat rack--before leaving the glue to dry.
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Finish and deploy

Remove any extraneous glue. Mount the rack and start your cutter collection.

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