Cleat of the Week 1: Sandpaper Rack

By Shaper | Created April 21st, 2018 | Published April 21st, 2018

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A cleat-attached rack for 150mm sandpaper discs

45 min





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1/2" baltic birch, 1/4" baltic birch, 1/8" divider material ( foam pvc in our case )
1/4" stock cutter, 1/8" stock cutter
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Cut left and right support panels from 1/2" ply

1/4" cutter for most of the rabbets (0.1" cut depth) 1/8" cutter for the front and back panels I did not add dog bones, so the internal corners will need a small chisel touch-up to clear out the rounded corners
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Cut the base from 1/2" ply

The leading edge will need to be trimmed at 22.5 degrees
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Cut the left and right slots from 1/2" ply

To properly support the dividers, a 1/8" cutter is needed to reach the bottom of the slots. The slots could also be made from thinner material to necessitate fewer passes and speed up the cut time.
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Cut front and back from 1/4" ply

Trim the top and bottom of the front piece at 22.5 degrees.
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Cut 4 dividers from 1/8" material of your choice.

If desired, you can use the single line alphabet font to engrave the sandpaper grits into the dividers' tabs.
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Dryfit / Glue

Dryfit: Double-check that the 22.5 degree trims are aligned correctly, and that the left and right slot elements are aligned correctly.
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Clamp overnight while the wood glue sets.
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Sand and mount

You are all done.

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