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Mountain inlay

By Stilwell | Created April 20th, 2021 | Published November 11th, 2021 | Updated November 15th, 2021

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As seen on Shaper Sessions! Try your hand at marquetry with this mountain landscape.

40 min




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Backboard - 1 piece 1/2" - 3/4" plywood, 20"L x 13"W Inlay - several panels of 1/8" hardwood, of various size and species
Shaper Origin Shaper Workstation Double-Sided Tape 1/16" Cutter Wood Glue Vacuum Press Sandpaper Wood Finish
We recorded this project live on Shaper Sessions - check out the video for more detail! Step 1: Plan and Prep your Stock Inlay and marquetry are great ways to use scrap material from your shop. I took some offcuts from the last few weeks and used the planer, bandsaw, and thickness sander to bring them to a consistent 1/8" thickness. The size of stock you need depends on which part you're cutting - as small as a few square inches for the river piece, all the way up to 20"L x 6"W for the sky. Compare your available stock to the design and plan out which species you'll use for each piece. I used ash, walnut, maple, douglas fir, sapele, oak, and cherry for the inlay, on a 3/4" plywood backboard. Step 2: Cut the Pieces with Origin & Workstation Set up your parts on Workstation using a standard 1/4" cutter for the backboard and a 1/16" cutter for the finely detailed inlay pieces. Apply a -0.002" offset to all you pieces so they have room to come together. Step 3: Glue Up Carefully arrange the pieces and glue them up. I like to use a vacuum press; if you don't have one, a thickpiece of plywood with enough weight on top will make a passable substitute. Step 4: Sand and Finish Sand the scene smooth and apply a finish of your choice.