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Cross Coffee Table

By matty1|BY-NC-SA 4.0 License|Updated March 23rd, 2020

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Simple mortise and tenon oak coffee table with a cross inlay.

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I used 12in wide 3/4in thick Red Oak Board. Roughly 20 board ft. Can be sourced directly from Home Depot : Technically the design would work with 10 in wide board. Any material should work for the inlay. Danish Oil or something similar.
Shaper Origin Track Saw (optional, to save time) Trim Router 1/4 in bit Glue Clamps
Video can be found here: -Glue the edges of two 48" boards to make the table top surface. -Glue the edges of two 40" boards to make the bottom tray. -Pocket the cross to whatever thickness you plan on filling it with. -Cut out the mortises. (Optional) If you don't add dog bones into the mortises you will have to file out the corners later. -Cut the outside of the top surface. (Optional) To save time you can cut the corners and use a track saw to connect the cuts. -Cut the bottom tray -Cut two copies of each of the leg files. -Glue up the corresponding legs (2 with 4) and (3 with 5) -Cut the both of the brace files. -Cut out the inlay Can be any material between 1/2" and 1/4" as long as it correlates to the pocket in the top surface. -Glue the inlay into the top surface and sand it flush. -Sand edges and use a trim router to round out the edges of the top surface and tray. When rounding the edges of the tray do not round over the corner bits. These will fit into the legs. -Apply glue to the corner bits of the bottom tray and fit them into the legs. Before it dries apply glue to the tenons on the braces and install them into the legs. Then quickly apply glue to the top surface of the braces and the tenons and install the table top onto the legs. -Clamp legs and surface down to work surface. -Flush cut the tenons on the top surface. -Sand and finish. I chose Danish oil.