Metal lid and wooden base pattern for Oneida Cyclone

By Prof_Snipe | Created January 11th, 2021 | Published January 11th, 2021 | Updated January 11th, 2021

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Cutout pattern for a metal pail cover and plywood base for the oneida cyclone unit.

20 min




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- 3/4" plywood, approximately 16"x16" - 5 Gallon metal pail with locking lid 10.75" diameter - 5 1" caster wheels - Oneida cyclone head unit - 4 magnets - superglue
- Shaper origin and tape - 1/8" low helix metal router bit - 1/4" router bit for the plywood
Lid: 1. Secure the lid to a backer plywood with double-sided tape and cut the pattern with the 1/8" bit. I used and aluminum cutting bit and it didn't have any issue cutting the 0.03" metal in a single pass. Use lower plunge rates. Base: 2. Adjust the magnet holes for the size of your magnet. I used 15mm magnets but I could have probably gone bigger. 3. Cut the pattern out. On the included SVG file, the pocket doesn't go all the way through, you may need to cheat a bit and put your bit size as 0.249". 4. Apply finish if desired 5. Use superglue to attach the magnets to the base. 6. The SVG file has five holes outside of the pattern, use those to align the five wheels to the base. The easiest way to attach the wheels is to put a dab of superglue on two edges of the caster base to temporarily hold it in place then drill the pilot holes and attach the screws. 7. Attach the oneida cyclone head unit to the pail cover.