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By Scott12 | Created June 1st, 2019 | Published June 1st, 2019

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Text characters for engraving, specifically optimized for the SO.





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While making a nice luggage tag as an experiment with engraving text on the SO, I was really frustrated with the options for engraving fonts that would work in Illustrator, as well as having to plunge up to 3 times for the strokes in one single letter! So I took the Orach Technic demo font and optimized every character specifically for engraving on the SO, as well as adding back in some common punctuation. I removed all the doubled up paths, and made each character one continuous path that can be cut with one operation with minimal back-tracking. (with the exception of characters that are non- contiguous to begin with, like i j : ; etc.) This is not a font you can type with, but a svg to quickly copy the letters from. All the characters have a blue “guide” box around them for easy alignment and very rough kerning.

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