Vaguely Mid-Century Modern Table

By ear3 | Created August 6th, 2019 | Published August 6th, 2019 | Updated August 6th, 2019

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Simple design for a curved leg mid-century modern table that is put together just with screws.





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1/4 plywood for the templates 4/4 walnut for the shelves 8/4 walnut for legs 16 screws Scrap walnut for wood plugs
Shaper Origin to produce templates Templates cut out on wood with table router and hand held router Domino to edge join shelf panels Spindle sander to refine forms and regular sanders to soften edges and bring to final 320 grit finish
Shaper Origin produces the templates that are then cut and joined with more traditional woodworking methods. Cutting the templates is very quick, perhaps 10-15 minutes, but the whole project was 4-5 days of solid work. In addition to the svg's, I also include the underlying Fusion 360 files in case anyone wants to tweak off the existing design. Only screws used for final assembly, but mortises have been cut into the shelves to provide a secure fit. I cut these mortises by hand, though they can theoretically be done via SO. I include sample svg files of what they might look like, though note that they are currently sized for the mortise to appear on the top side of the shelf -- but in the final design, I ended up flipping the orientation and having the mortise appear on the underside, which I ultimately think is a better way to go. Some basic discussion of build here: For a more in-depth discussion of the process, including the ways in which I had to modify the design to account for wood behavior, see:

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