Shaper Logo - Voronoi Style

By Florian | Created March 23rd, 2019 | Published March 23rd, 2019

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One continuous line, drawing the Shaper logo. Sample projects to test-drive StippleGen 2.

40 min





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- Black MDF
- Shaper Origin - Engrave bit - 1/4" cutter
- Pick a material of your likes. - Scale the SVG according to your needs on-tool and place it. - Use the engrave bit to engrave the continuous line. The ends are marked with a circular guideline. - Use the cutter to cut your material. Depending on your taste, use the offset function to cut into the engraved single line (like I did) or stay away from it (like sketched in the SVG). - Before releasing the logo with your last cut, consider using the engrave bit to add a chamfer to the circular shape (as seen on the last image). Enjoy cutting! Read more about the software, which was used to create this sign here:

This project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommerical - Share - Alike license