Potty stool

By MatthewHTX | Created January 15th, 2020 | Published January 15th, 2020 | Updated January 15th, 2020

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Simple stool to help toddlers climb up and use the toilet.

1 hr 30 min





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36" x 36", 3/4" plywood
Shaper and random orbital sander.
Nails and glue are not necessary, but you can certainly add them if you see fit. I may change the height of the step or add an additional step in future iterations. Left and right legs are identical, but I differentiate them (mirrored) so that you can use the top surface of the plywood (3/4'') for the outside of each leg. The outer curve of the stool_top can be placed between the left_stool_leg and right_stool_leg to minimize wood waste (see photo). The stool_top has a 10 in diameter semi-circle cutout. Measure your toilet at 10.25" off the ground to make sure this will work with yours.

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