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By mfsamuel | Created January 8th, 2021 | Published January 8th, 2021 | Updated January 19th, 2021

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For cutting vinyl, paper, carboard etc.

20 min




Jigs & Fixtures

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1x M5 bolt 75+mm long 5x M5 nuts, washers (I used rivet nuts) 3x M3 bolt 15mm long 3x M3 nuts and washers 1x 6mm plywood enough for 2x 70mm circles 2x 5mm ID bearings. I used 10mm OD, 4mm Thickness #16 X-Acto blades these are consumable.
ShaperOrigin 1/8" Spiral Cutter
This should be a working drag knife designed around the #16 X-Acto Blade for cutting thin sheets on the ShaperOrigin. https://youtu.be/Y1lJPSPHJ4w Steps: 1) Cut the design files using the 1/8" bit. You will need both the left and right halves, and 2 of the bearing holder disks. I cut everything using a negative offset of -0.005. 2) Sandwich the blade and the head of the 5mm bolt between the left and right halves. 3) One nut will put pressure on the top of the blade holder, and will fix the bolt in place. 4) Press fit the bearings into the pockets of each of the 70mm disks 4) Secure each bearing holder with a nut on either side. I added Loctite to ensure everything stays where I want it. To use the cutter you will replace the spindle with the bearing holders. 1) Once in cutting mode with the spindle removed you will set the cut depth to "air cut" (to avoid the spindle is off message). 2) Insert the Drag Knife into the spindle holder, but keep the blade high up, and the nut securing the spindle loosened. 3) Being the Air Cut which will lower the Z-Axis. 4) Manually lower the blade into place while the cut is in progress, applying gentle pressure to ensure the blade is cutting the material but not deforming the blade or putting strain on the spindle. 5) Cut the design as you normally would. Once the blade is set you should be able to retract and begin cutting again without changing the depth. Notes: I use a sticky cutting mat to secure the material, and provide some flex for the blade. If the blade tip is chipped you will need to replace it. Amazon links. I had most of these parts so mine may not be exact. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QPP2371/ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082PS3QDJ/ https://www.amazon.com/iExcell-Stainless-Socket-Screws-Assortment/dp/B07Q1PC5CT/ https://www.amazon.com/ELMERS-x-Acto-Blades-Knives-X616/dp/B00117CM5W/