Tsuro Board Game

By mfsamuel | Created March 14th, 2019 | Published March 14th, 2019

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A friend from work lent me a game called "Tsuro: The Game of the Path". I enjoyed it, and decided to make a version for myself.

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Game Tiles, Frame, Box: 3 sheets of 12" x 24" 6mm plywood *box was designed for 6mm, but pieces and frame can be any thickness you have on hand. Pieces: Various quantities and colors of Sugru 8x Nuts, and scrap dowel
Shaper Origin, 1/4" spiral, 1/8" spiral, and engraving bit.
For the Tiles, Frame: 1) Cut all the paths on the tiles, and tear drops on the frame with the engraving bit set to cut on the line (not inside, or outside) 2) Rough cut outside paths with 1/4" spiral and a small offset to a depth just below the thickness of the work piece 3) Finishing pass with the 1/4" spiral bit and no offset to separate the tiles, I used a small negative offset on the frame ends to ensure smooth but firm mating between frame ends. 4) Sand, and finish using your desired method For the Box: 1) Cut the shapes on the box lid using the engraving bit. 2) Cut the lid out first using rough and finishing passes with the 1/4" spiral and outside cuts 3) Cut inside path hole on the back of the box with the 1/8" spiral, taking smaller and smaller offsets until the lid tab holds firmly. 4) Cut inside path on the side sliders so the lids moves freely, but is not loose to a depth of 2.2mm. 5) Cut Remaining outside rough cuts and small offset with 1/4" spiral, and finishing passes with 1/8" spiral and no offset For the pieces: 1) Cut a small length of dowel that is able to thread inside the nuts you have selected 2) Cover with different colors of Sugru and shape to preference. I mixed some to get the color variation, but it comes in many colors. Setup and Rules: Assemble frame, separate the dragon tile and place tiles face down in stacks. Each player puts their game piece on a tear drop along the frame edge, and selects 3 tiles for their hand. Goal is to be the last player still on the board. Players whose path takes them off the board or collides with another player are eliminated, and players cannot eliminate themselves unless there are no other valid moves. Gameplay: Each player takes turns placing a tile in front of their piece, and moves all players adjacent to the end of the path in front of them, and takes another tile. If there are no extra tiles take the dragon tile and that player is the next to draw if/when more tiles become available after an elimination. Gameplay continues until all tiles are placed or only one player survives. *Thanks to @CharlieM for some cleaned up tiles that exported poorly for me, and the sweet dragon tile.

This project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommerical - Share - Alike license