Acrylic Nameplates

By stoli | Created May 23rd, 2019 | Published May 23rd, 2019

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Acrylic nameplates with etched lettering backlit with LEDs hidden in the base. Inspiration from

1 hr 30 min





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1/4 acrylic cherry LEDs 1/8 mdf
Shaper Origin High grit sandpaper to get smooth edge on acrylic Router/tempate bit
Cut acrylic to rough size Engrave lettering in acrylic Cut outer shaper of acrylic sand outer edge of acrylic Cut plywood/MDF template for outer perimeter of base Cut 1/8 mdf to rough size Cut bottom cover plate Cut cherry to rough size Cut cherry to final size with template bit and router prepare to use SO on the top face of cherry Create grid on cherry, place top designs by referencing bottom left corner Route acrylic groove to fit, 0.25 deep. Note that if paper is still on acrylic a tight fit will become loose later Route groove to fit for remote prepare to use SO on bottom of cherry Route patch for cover plate to fit Route internal patch until the acrylic hole is reached Route cableway

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