Floor Lamp

By Jimbo | Created June 10th, 2020 | Published June 19th, 2020 | Updated June 19th, 2020

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This Lamp is only made out of 3 pieces of birch plywood. There are no screws or glue holding it together, just 2 washers and two lamp nuts. The plywood used was 0.45" thick so that is the thickness of the gaps. I'm including a picture of the dimensions in case you would like to alter the design. The finished light in the picture has: birch edge banding, Minwax "natural" stain, 2 coats of semi gloss polyurethane, and a 18"x 18" shade.

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1/2" ply 1/4" cutter Double Sided Tape Lamp Kit 10" Lamp Harp 3" Lamp Nipple 2 3/8" by 1 1/4" Fender Washers 13/16" edge banding (optional)
Shaper Origin 1/4 Inch Bit Iron (optional) Edge Banding Trimmer (optional)
Setup, Scan, and layout the 4 pieces. Make sure to use plenty of double sided tape. The Plate and the Thickness Tester can be placed between the legs. Cut out the Thickness Tester Next cut out the inside cross on the Plate using an offset. Use the Thickness Tester to dial in the fit, if its a little loose its ok, but too tight could cause problems. The length of the Tester is the exact size of the the two Legs that will pass though the Plate. If you are going to be using edge banding put some on the ends of the Tester to compensate for the extra thickness. The first time I cut this piece out I didn't figure any wiggle room and had to cut another. When the cross is finished, cut the circle. Start to cut the inside slots of the legs using an offset, again use the Thickness Tester to dial in the fit. Once the inside is cut, finish cutting out the rest of the Legs. Apply edge banding and sand all the parts if you choose too. On the Plate the seam of the edge banding should be where the notch is for the lamp wire. Assemble the lamp by placing the Leg with the slot on the top into the Leg with the slot on the bottom. Then place the Plate over both legs, sliding it down until it hits the flare. Stain and polyurethane the lamp. This could be done before assembly, but my tolerances where tight. I didn't want to risk ruining the finish. Place the lamp nipple into the hole in the top of the lamp. Place a washer and then a hex nut on the bottom section. Run the wire for the lamp up through the small cutout in the Plate and then through the lamp nipple. Place the other washer, harp and hex nut on top of the lamp nipple and tighten. Last, wire the lamp socket and attach to the lamp nipple as per the instructions in the kit. Note: After finishing the project I realized that all of the materials could probably be purchased in one trip to a box store.

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