Systainer Drawers

By Nelson | Created October 18th, 2018 | Published October 18th, 2018

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Friction fit drawers for Systainers

20 min




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3/4" Plywood 1/4" Cutter 14" Full extension drawer slide
The attached file is for the drawers only; cabinet build is up to you. The drawers will provide a snug friction fit for the systainers. You can cut the entire drawer size with the file, but, after cutting two or three, I found it easier to cut the drawers to size (436mm x 350mm) and use the grid function (10mm grid spacing works well) to lay the file upon the blank for the pockets and handle. Drawer slides need to be, minimum, 14” full extension so the systainers can open when the drawer is extended. Cut the pockets for the feet to a depth of 9mm (three 3mm passes) The handle is a through cut (inside cut)

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