Cribbage Board

By Sam_Bollman | Created April 8th, 2020 | Published April 8th, 2020 | Updated April 8th, 2020

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3 player cribbage board with storage for a deck of cards and pegs

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(2) 1x6" Maple Boards (3/4 thick) (1) 1x6" Aspen Board (1/4 thick) 1/8" Brass Rod (about 1.25 inches long) (2) Rare earth magnets (1 inch diameter)
Shaper Origin -1/4" Cutter -1/8" Cutter -Engrave bit Belt sander RO sander
This board is 5 inches wide by 15 inches long. I used .25" depth for the peg storage pocket. The pocket for the magnets is .125" deep, 1 inch diameter. You can obviously use different sized magnets. I cut the peg holes .4" deep. The file has the peg holes sized .127" in diameter. A deck of cards is approximately .75 thick, so I had to glue a 1/4" piece of wood (I had aspen already) under the bottom maple piece to thicken it up. Otherwise, you'll cut all the way through the bottom piece or not have much left and it may break through. The pocket for the deck of cards is about 2.65 by 3.65, not counting the finger cutout. I ended up making it a little bigger using the on-tool offset. I used a short (approx. 1.25") length of 1/8th inch brass rod has a "hinge" between the bottom and the top. I had a little issue lining the top and the "cribbage board final" file (the top) and the "cribbage board under" (under side of the top) up. I used my belt sander to sand them flush to each other.

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