Rubber Band Gatling Gun

By Mark4 | Created July 15th, 2019 | Published July 15th, 2019

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I had a day to kill, so I thought what's more fun than a rubber band gun? A rubber band Gatling gun of course!

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Disclaimer- I have a lot of random in my house for parts, so I just threw together what was available: Parts list: 1) Motor gearbox from old wheel: 2) Li-ion battery pack: 3) Pushbutton: Radio shack #275-1547 4) Small dia paracord from Michaels 5) 608ZZ bearings (qty 2) 6) small amount of wire, solder, and heat shrink tube 7) .720 thk plywood 8) .487 thk plywood 9) .120 thk plywood 10) .296" dia wooden dowel 11) glue... i didn't use any, but may glue it later if I give it to someone else. 12) Office Depot size #16 rubber bands (2.5 x 1/16")
Shaper Origin, Glowforge
Designed in the morning, cut in the afternoon. Used the Glowforge laser on all .12 thk plywood for the Gatling revolver and string pull assembly . These could have been cut on the Shaper, but hey... a laser just does it faster. Shaper on everything 1/2 to 3/4 thick. I had some issues with the dog bone feature in Fusion 360, so some of them are my attempt at manually making some of them. Sanded/edge routed the handle until it was comfortable. Circuit is simple series circuit with pushbutton to turn on motor. Fusion file included if you want to modify for parts you have on hand or want to cut all files in Origin.

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