Cribbage Board

By Brock | Created November 21st, 2018 | Published November 21st, 2018

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Cribbage board for 2 players with 120 holes each. Works with standard 1/8" cribbage pegs.

1 hr 30 min





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Wood at least 12.125" x 5.575" Cribbage pegs designed for standard (1/8") holes
1/8" up cut bit with at least 0.40" cutting flutes Engraving bit (optional)
This is a pretty simple project to make using the helical hole function. The cut time is long because there are so many holes to cut. Cut depth for the holes should be 0.40". This project is broken up into two files. The first is just the hole pattern. The second file contains the engraving that I used. You will need to use the grid feature to line these files up exactly if you want to use the engraving file. For the engravings I used a very sharp, steep angle engraving bit in order to get finely defined lines and consistent line widths. I may add a 3rd row of holes and some options for peg or deck storage to this project in the future. The holes are drawn at .127" to make them easier to cut with a 1/8" cutter. Origin does a fantastic job with the helical cut feature enabled. You can optimize the cut and plunge speeds for your material and cutter to save time on this project. I conservatively used 5ipm for both settings.

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