Cabinet hinge Mortise

By JT007 | Created December 5th, 2018 | Published December 5th, 2018

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I built a cabinet for a "mini mud room" by our patio door. The doors were very long and required 4 hinges per door. I used the Blum 39C soft close hinge for the project. Instead of using a forstner bit to cut the pocket for the hinge I used the Shaper.

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Blum 39C Hinge.svg
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Blum 39c Soft-close cabinet hinges.
Shaper Origin
You can use this base template to layout the pockets for the hinges. I took the template and spaced them as required along a rectangle of the door in Fusion 360. I then exported the SVG file using the Shaper plug-in. Aligning the hinge mortise was easy using the grid function in Shaper with the top edge of the door. The pockets were cut to the exact dimensions and depth recommended by Blum. This method can be adapted to any brand or model of Euro style hinges.

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