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By Bennet | Created September 28th, 2018 | Published September 28th, 2018

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My intent is to continue adding to this tool list as time allows. I am not the best at editing SVG files; I tried to clean the files up the best I could. All files are solid and may easily be switched to outlines for easier layout. Files are designed for an inside cut; a slight (-) offset of 1mm-2mm may be required for some tools to fit just right (dependent on the material you use - a snug fit in Kaizen/1.7LB PE Foam may be desirable).

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Just a few choices to pick from 1.7LB Laminated Polyethylene Foam 4LB XLPE Foam 6LB XLPE Foam
1/4" Double Flute Straight Bit at a motor speed of 5-6
If cutting Kaizen/PE Foam, I recommend cutting to a depth where two layers of foam meet each other. Then manually remove the foam in the middle; you should end up with a fairly clean bottom surface.

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