Festool SYS-ToolBox2 Inserts

By SLOBrewer | Created April 26th, 2019 | Published April 26th, 2019

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Plywood inserts for the two sides of the Festool SYS-ToolBox2 for organization of your tools

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- 24" x 40" sheet of 1/4" baltic birch plywood (the plans are for true 0.250 plywood, anything else will require adjustment so the joints fit tightly. - Festool SYS-ToolBox2 - Glue
- Shaper Origin - 1/8" straight bit - Clamps - Pin nailer (optional)
You'll need one handle, two dividers, two sides, two ends, and one bottom. Assembly starts with the middle piece and works outwards. Attach the handle to the dividers. The dividers to the sides. The sides to the ends. Then finally the bottom. I used polyurethane glue (Gorilla glue) since it has gap filling qualities and a long open time. You can use the pin nailer to ensure everything stays together while the glue dries (or just use clamps alone.) I've included the parametric Fusion 360 file so you can adjust the thickness of the plywood. The size of the two side compartments (the non-handle ones) are controlled by parameters and you might want to adjust these based on your specific tools. The files I uploaded have square compartments on the side but in the picture you can see I created a variation with them asymmetrical as well. If you make any of those changes you'll need to remove and recreate the dogbones on the joints. I used the Dogbone Fusion 360 plugin, which you can find by searching the Shaper Origin community forum.

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