Case for Apple Pencil

By Dampsquid | Created May 31st, 2019 | Published May 31st, 2019

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Case to protect an Apple Pencil. Designed for my daughter who likes narwhals of all things. Two halves snap together magnetically.

30 min




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Piece of black walnut
Shaper Origin included engraving bit half round router bit
Process was: - Cut wood on bandsaw, sanded. - setup to cut as shown in pic. Blue tape and super glue method. - exterior cutting with standard 1/4" bit, magnet holes with 1/8" standard bit. Pencil recess with half-round bit (5/16" I think) - narwhal design cut with engraving bit and then filled with two part epoxy with added white mica powder to colour. - Sanded smooth - magnets from Amazon, glued in with tiny dab of superglue. One side is recessed, other proud so case parts don't slide over one another. - Sealed with Waterlox (love that stuff)

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