Cribbage Board

By Dylan | Created June 6th, 2019 | Published June 6th, 2019

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Two player cribbage board with magnets and turned pegs.

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1/2" Birch Plywood: roughly 12" x 3" Pegs: 2 x Brass from 3/16" diameter by 3" 2 x Titanium or Stainless Steel from 3/16" dia. by 3" 8 Magnets - 6mm diameter x 3mm Thick Thin hand saw Wood glue CA glue Finish - OSMO Polyx-Oil
Shaper Origin 1/8" Router Bit Sandpaper Table Saw (for optional inlay) Lathe (for optional custom pegs)
Cut the profile from over-sized plywood on double stick tape. Cut holes to 0.375" deep. Cut inlay piece on table saw. Cut inlay pocket 0.005" oversize on tool using the Grid feature and the Rectangle tool (no CAD file). Glue in inlay. Sand flush. Cut in two with a thin hand saw. Cut bottom and end pockets, with magnet pockets 0.005" over-sized. Glue in magnets with CA glue. Pay attention to magnet polarity! Sand and finish.

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